Something Different

Before things get underway on the GDC expo floor tomorrow, let's lay down some more on how we got to where we are...

Having been in dev teams of 100+ people for almost forever, we had a strong desire to streamline our method without sacrificing the ambitious goals of a AAA developer. It's with this in mind that we assembled a team focused on technical expertise, supported by key art, design and production roles, to provide the core of Third Kind Games, well positioned to take the lead in Slingshot Cartel's mission to do things differently.

With bold plans for The D.R.G. Initiative and a concept demo as the first major milestone, Slingshot gathered additional teams around this core to collaborate based on the specific needs and targets of the project - from mocap at Audiomotion, 3D art production with Virtuos, animation at Super Spline Studios and sound design from Stronghold Audio to name but a few, we’ve had the privilege of ​working directly with some of the finest talents in the industry, whilst maintaining the original core focus and expertise of Third Kind Games. Coupled with dev support from the Amazon Lumberyard team providing bespoke assistance to the project, we’ve reached this super exciting point…

The concept demo will be on show this week at the Amazon Lumberyard GDC booth where Slingshot Cartel and Third Kind Games will be live streaming as people become D.R.G. Initiates for the first time - we’ve never shown a game this early before, but as a working concept demo, we can’t wait to provide a sneak peak of something for the future. If you’re here, come and say hi and if not, catch us live on the official Amazon Twitch and D.R.G. channels!

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